Fiji Men’s Rugby Team Praises God in Tears after Winning the First Olympic Gold

Fiji men’s rugby team won its first ever Olympic gold medal last Friday, defeating the British rugby team 43-7. With tears in their eyes, the seven team members huddled together and praised God for their victory.

They sang this in both English and Fijian: “We have overcome. We have overcome. By the blood of the Lamb. And the Word of the Lord. We have overcome.”

“I never dreamed of being an Olympian, let alone being a medalist, let alone being a gold medalist,” team captain Osea Kolinisau said at the post-game press conference. “So I was just thankful to up above for the journey God has brought me on.”

It’s always beautiful to see big and powerful men praising God. No matter whom you are and what you do, we are simply nothing without Him.